Tex. Occ. Code § 264.0525 authorizes the TSBDE to issue cease and desist orders against persons it believes are practicing dentistry without a license or engaging or likely to engage in any activity that requires a license or registration certificate issued by the TSBDE.

2020 Cease & Desist Orders

Duran Dental Laboratory

Christine Singh

Miguel Gutierrez

Raymond Hernandez

Westwood Dental Group, Amended

2019 Cease & Desist Orders

Jarvis Dental Lab

2018 Cease & Desist Orders

Leon D. James

2017 Cease & Desist Orders

A’s Dental Service & Repair

2016 Cease & Desist Orders

Brodrick Rockwell (Fort Worth)

Rubin L. Rockwell, JR. (Fort Worth)

Rubin L. Rockwell, Sr. (Fort Worth)

O’Neal Affordable Dentures (Collinsville)

Aziel Flores (Port Arthur)

Jose Rene Hernandez-Alfaro (Pharr)

Thomas Newton (Dallas)

2015 Cease & Desist Orders

Frank Lopez

John Doe (Austin)

Omar (Last Name Unknown) (Austin)

John Doe (Austin)

Tara Compton

Homero Chacon

Tuan Pham

Alfredo Santoscoy

David Banki

2014 Cease & Desist Orders

Westwood Dental Group

Arnulfo Gonzalez

Dental Lab Direct

2013 Cease & Desist Orders

Yuanjin Chen

Mary Diaz