CE Requirements

Please be advised that your in-classroom setting CE hours can be completed as Live Interactive Webinars (you can ask and answer questions) through one of our board approved providers.

Rule §114.12 Continuing Education for Certificate Holders

  • A dental assistant must complete six (6) hours of continuing education each year in areas covering dental assistant duties. At least three (3) of these six (6) hours must be clinical continuing education.
  • Up to six (6) hours of CE may be carried forward from the years preceding the renewal period.
  • All CE hours must be provided by a board approved provider listed in Rule §104.2 
  • CE can be self-study, interactive computer courses, or classroom lecture courses.
  • As part of the 12-hour requirement, a course in human trafficking prevention approved by the executive commissioner of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission must be completed. Click here for a list of approved courses.

Attesting to Completing CE and Sending Proof of Completion of CE

All licensees are asked to sign an attestation at the time of license renewal that indicates the minimum continuing education hours have been obtained. Licensees should not send proof of continuing education hours unless specifically asked to do so. Approximately 5% of license renewals each month are selected for random audit.

Licensees not complying with CE requirements will not be eligible for license renewal until appropriate hours are obtained.

CE Renewal Chart
Dental Assistants 
Renewal Timeframe2 years
How many CE hours are required?12
Type: Scientific/Technical (hands on)At least 6
Type: Risk-Management (recordkeeping, ethics)No
Type: Self-Study (video, audio, and reading courses)No
Type: Controlled SubstanceNo
BLS CPR (hands on)Yes
Jurisprudence AssessmentNo
Anesthesia Jurisprudence ExaminationNo