Rules Adopted at the March 12, 2021 Board Meeting:

Rule 108.7 Minimum Standard of Care, General – Link to the Texas Register

Rule 108.8 Records of the Dentist – Link to the Texas Register

Rule 108.54 Advertising of Specialties – Link to the Texas Register

Rule 119.10 Oral Medicine – Link to the Texas Register

Rule 119.11 Dental Anesthesiology – Link to the Texas Register

Rule 119.12 Orofacial Pain – Link to the Texas Register

Rule Adopted at the February 19, 2021 Board Meeting:
Rule 108.7 MINIMUM STANDARD OF CARE, GENERAL – Link to the Texas Register
For your reference, this PDF includes the highlighted changes that were made to the updated emergency rule 108.7 (effective February 19, 2021). A strikethrough indicates the language was removed: Emergency Rule 108.7 – strikethrough version (effective February 19, 2021)
Rules Adopted at the December 11, 2020 Board Meeting:
Rule 111.5 ELECTRONIC PRESCRIBING WAIVERS – Link to the Texas Register
Rule 104.1 CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR DENTISTS AND RDHs – Link to the Texas Register
Rule 114.12 CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR RDAs – Link to the Texas Register
Rules Adopted at the September 11, 2020 Board Meeting:
102.1 FEES –  link to Texas Register 
110.2 SEDATION ANESTHESIA PERMIT – link to Texas Register  
110.9 ANESTHESIA PERMIT RENEWAL – link to Texas Register  

Rules Adopted at August 24th, 2020 Emergency Board Meeting:

Dental Health Care Personnel (DHCP) may resume the use of ultrasonic devices for hygiene services. DHCP are no longer required to complete the full treatment of one patient before leaving the treatment area and on to another patient. DHCP are required to remove PPE before returning home, but are no longer required to change from scrubs to personal clothing. DHCP should maintain due diligence related to antiseptic control at all times.
Rules Adopted at June 5th, 2020  Board Meeting:
101.3 Licensure by Credentials
101.4 Temporary Licensure by Credentials
101.14 Military Spouse
101.15 Reinstatement of Cancelled License
103.3 Licensure by Credentials
103.4 Temporary Licensure by Credentials
103.10 Military Spouse
103.11 Reinstatement of Cancelled License 
114.7 Military Spouse 
Rule  §108.9. – COVID 19 Emergency Rule 
 Role §104.21 – Providers

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