Dentist Renewal Instructions

In aligning with recent rule changes, upon renewal of your license, your expiration date will be staggered to a biennial renewal affecting licensees due to renew by 10/31/2018 and there after.

A system has been created in order to evenly distribute renewals to be moved to a two year license. Licensees selected for a one year renewal will pay the one year renewal fee. Licensees selected for a two year renewal will be required to pay the 2 year renewal fee.

If your renewal was updated to reflect a one year renewal, when you next renew your license in 2019, it will be for 2 years.

Renewal postcards will continue to be sent out 60 days prior to your expiration date to the mailing address provided.

Any questions should be directed to the Licensing division at

Renewing Online

If you have already created an account, Log on to your account, from the “Quick Start Menu” under “It’s Time to Renew” click on “Select” next to your DDS license number and proceed through the online renewal application. After submitting your application, a copy of your application summary and online payment receipt will be emailed to you. Note: License expiration dates are updated on the TSBDE website the next business day and can be verified in the Licensee Search.

If you searched your license and notice it was not been updated the next business day, you may have one or more of the following deficiencies:

  • Expired CPR – When asked whether you hold a current BLS CPR certification, you answered, “Yes” but provided information of an expired certification.
  • Office of the Attorney General (OAG) Child Support hold
  • Continuing Education (CE) Audit – You may have been selected to submit proof of the required number of continuing education hours. Please sign up
  • Jurisprudence Assessment – For dentists and hygienists, the assessment is required once every four (4) years
  • ACLS/PALS  – Is required, if you hold a level 2-4 sedation permit. PALS is required for Level 2-4 permit holders who sedate children 13 years or younger.
  • Dental Support Organization (DSO) Questionnaire –  This questionnaire is required pursuant to Section 254.019 of the Dental Practice Act.
  • You may have answered “Yes” to working for a corporation but did not submit the corporate address information

If you have not used the Online Licensing System, you will need to create an online account before you renew. You will need the following:

  • An active email account,
  • Your License Number,
  • Your Social Security Number,
  • Your Date of Birth, and
  • Your Zip Code.

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! Allow sufficient time for delays if assistance is needed with the process!

Link to a list of Common Online Errors: Click here.

Having problems logging on/technical support: Click here.  Allow 2-3 business days for a response and be sure to clearly explain the issue you are having.

If you have difficulty with making your processing your payment online contact (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) toll free at 1-800-399-2969.

If you are unable to renew online using the Online Licensing System, you may request that a paper renewal application be mailed to you here. Include in the subject line, “License Renewal.”

Designation of Records

This form is to be used by the licensed Texas dentist to designate a custodian of records upon initial licensure and at each renewal period.  Dental records are the sole property of the dentist who performs the dental service, unless otherwise designated per Board rules. Please provide the following information to appropriately designate ownership of records and appointment of a custodian, if necessary.  Upon completion of the form, you may email it to

Designation of Records Form

Dental Support Organization Questionnaire

You must complete the Dentist Support Organization Questionnaire prior to renewing your license. This questionnaire is required pursuant to Section 254.019 of the Dental Practice Act.

Address Template for the DSO Questionnaire

Please see below for the “DSO Questionnaire Address Form Template” for use in the DSO Questionnaire.  You are welcome to download this spreadsheet, populate it with your information, and then upload that file to the DSO Questionnaire.

DSO Questionnaire Address Form Template