How Do I Join the Dental Review Panel?

The Dental Review Panel was created in 2013 during the 83rd legislative session to review standard of care complaints and to determine whether the subject license holder has violated the applicable standard of care.  Panel members will typically review 1 – 4 cases per month and will be compensated approximately $150 per case review.

To be eligible to serve on the Dental Review Panel, a dentist or dental hygienist must meet the following criteria:

  • licensed in Texas to practice dentistry or dental hygiene;
  • no history of disciplinary action by the board in the ten years prior to application;
  • acceptable malpractice complaint history;
  • currently in active practice or teaching in a clinical setting;
  • demonstrated knowledge of accepted standards of dental care for the diagnosis, care and treatment related to your scope of practice;
  • demonstrated training or experience to offer an expert opinion regarding accepted standards of dental care; and
  • certification by a certifying board recognized by the American Dental Association if the dentist or dental hygienist limits their practice to a specific specialty area.

If you are interested in joining the Panel, please fill out the application and submit the application along with your Curriculum Vitae to:


Texas State Board of Dental Examiners
Dr. Brooke Bell, Dental Director
1801 Congress Ave., Suite 8.600
Austin, TX 78701

Applications will be reviewed and final candidates will be appointed by the Board at its next scheduled meeting.

Dentist Application for Dental Review Panel

PLEASE NOTE: We are not accepting Registered Dental Hygienist applications at this time.