All final orders are monitored to ensure compliance, including completion of additional continuing education and payment of fines.

The TSBDE also encourages informal resolution of a complaint through continuing communication between the dentist and the complainant.

Knowledge of the requirements of the Dental Practice Act and the TSBDE Rules and Regulations might prevent the submission of a complaint. Copies of the DPA and Rules are available for download on the TSBDE website.

Request Verification of a Licensee's Compliance with Board Orders

To request verification of a licensee’s compliance with an existing Board order or remedial plan, please email You must provide the licensee’s name, license number, and type (dentist, dental hygienist, etc.). Your request will be processed within 10 business days unless our staff needs further information. Extensive requests may require the payment of copying and/or staff labor fees before completion.

What you must provide in your email to

  • Licensee’s Name
  • License Number
  • License Type (dentist, dental hygienist, etc.)