Definition of Volunteer Charity Care: Volunteer charity care is defined as the direct provision of dental services to indigent or critical need populations within the State of Texas without monetary compensation.  


  • A dentist holding a retired status Texas dental license, under this section may practice dentistry if the practice consists solely of volunteer charity care.
  • A dentist may not provide services if he or she was subject to disciplinary action in any jurisdiction in the three years immediately preceding the licensee’s entry into retired status.
  • A dentist must hold a basic life support certification.

License Maintenance

  • The letter of authority, unless revoked by the TSBDE, shall expire at the end of the calendar year in which it was issued.  Provision of dental services after the expiration of the letter of authority shall constitute the practice of dentistry without a license.  To reapply a dentist must complete a new Volunteer Charity Care Authority Application.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the dentist to maintain current authorization to provide services and to make request for reauthorization.
  • A dentist providing volunteer charity care may not prescribe or administer controlled substances under the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Schedules I or II.
  • A dentist providing services must post, or be able to produce on demand of a patient, a current letter of authority from the TSBDE.
  • A dentist must complete six (6) hours of annual continuing education in accordance with Chapter 104 of the TSBDE’s rules.
  • A dentist providing services under this subsection shall execute a written agreement with the facility where services are offered to retain right of access to all dental records resulting from the provision of such services.

Application Process

Complete and mail the Volunteer Charity Care Authorization Application to the TSBDE.  There is no online application process.

Volunteer Charity Request Form