Registration Requirements

Mobile dental facilities and portable dental units operated in Texas by any entity must hold a permit issued by the TSBDE.

Licensees who do not have a permit for a portable dental unit or who are employed by a dental organization not having a portable dental unit permit may provide dental services through use of dental instruments and equipment taken out of a dental office without a permit if;

  1. the service is provided as emergency treatment; or
  2. a patient of record of the licensee or organization is treated outside of the dental office; or
  3. treatment is provided to residents of nursing homes or convalescent facilities; or
  4. treatment is provided without charge to patients or to any third party payer, so long as such treatment is not provided on a regular basis; or
  5. anesthesia/sedation services are provided and the licensee is permitted to provide portable anesthesia services under the provisions of Chapter 110 (Sedation and Anesthesia); or
  6. the service is provided in an office of another licensed dentist.

Application Process

The following documents must be mailed to the TSBDE:

  1. Application – Mobile Dental Facility or Portable Dental Unit Permit.
  2. Application Fee.
  3. Copies of all required supporting documentation. 

Download Initial Mobile Dental Facility or Portable Dental Unit Permit Application

Facility Operation Requirements and Annual Compliance

A permit holder shall complete the following:

  1. Personnel Changes.  Notify the TSBDE, in writing, of a change of any change in personnel within 30 days of any change.
  2. Display of Licenses.  Prominently display the following:
    1. All dental and dental hygienist licenses and current registration certificates;
    2. Mobile and Portable Dental permits, or copies of permits if one permit is issued for multiple facilities or units.
  3. Service Arrangements.  Before beginning a session at any location, arrange for:
    1. access to properly functioning sterilization system;
    2. ready access to an adequate supply of potable water; and
    3. ready access to toilet facilities.
  4. Annual Reporting to the Board.  Deadline:  September 10th.
    On the 10th work day of September of each year, file with the TSBDE a written report for the preceding year ending August 31, detailing the information listed below (A) through (E), except that such written reports may exclude information concerning dental services provided to less than three individuals at a private residence:
    1. location, including a street address;
    2. the dates of each session;
    3. Number of patients served;
    4. Types of dental procedures;
    5. quantity of each service provided.

Annual Permit Renewal Requirements

Mobile Dental Facility Permits are renewed annually by December 31st.