How to Connect to the TSBDE Board and Committee Meetings:

  1. Please follow this link to connect to the meeting: Live Stream
  2. Please note that public members in the meeting will be joining a live stream and will only be able to speak during the Public Comments Section of the meeting. Public members wishing to submit a Public Comment should follow the instructions below and will be contacted by a member of the Board to speak.

Submitting Verbal and Written Public Comments: If you wish to address the Board, please follow this link to be taken to the Public Comments Form.

TSBDE will accept public comments for both Committee Meetings and Board Meetings. Written comments must be submitted via our Public Comments Form no later than 12:00 p.m. on the day prior to the Board or Committee Meeting. You will need to provide your contact information to make a comment.

If you have a matter being heard on a committee or board meeting agenda and wish to address the board, please complete the Public Comments Form and indicate which agenda item. Our staff will work with you to connect you to the meeting.

During the meeting, you will receive an email with a link and a phone number to join the meeting. You will be given no more than three (3) minutes to speak. Ensure that you have a reliable connection and are clearly audible during your call. Please mute the meeting while you are making comment so that you do not cause reverberation.

The Board’s Presiding Officer may reduce the time provided for public comments based on the number of requests received.

Email request for Public Comment must include:
– Agenda Item or Specific Topic
– Name
– Telephone Number and/or Email Address
– Please indicate whom you are representing, ex., attorney, yourself or other

Failure to provide the information requested directly above could result in your comment being delayed or taken out of order.